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Academy of Entertainment Serving As Creative Director Web & Print Design Photography HTML / CSS / JQUERY Wordpress Dev

I had the great honor of helping Chase Benz, celebrity choreographer and dancer, create and establish a brand identity around his new business and passion, the Academy of Entertainment: a company that could instill the best skills, attitude, and work ethic necessary to thrive in the dance world. He asked me to come aboard. I was thrilled.

I started keeping a mood board and noticed that, after a few weeks of images, the main theme of the board was on action and movement. Inspiration was everywhere, thanks to brands like Nike and Adidas. A lot of their particular style is predicated on an individual athlete being able to stand out from the crowd and I knew we could approach it in the same way.

In the imagery you see here, you'll see the execution of our approach. There is one central character/element that is in focus in each photo.

The identity: strong, stable, brash. A lot of the marketing materials were designed to inspire and 'bring together' an elite class of young professionals.

We also let that same marketing bleed into the website when it came to registrations and the different pages.