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Leadership Community Served As Creative Director Web & Print Design Photography

One of my greatest privileges was to work at a church as the Creative Director. Among the many tasks that I already had, we wanted to create an online community for leaders to hear and read from other leaders across the space. Thus, the Leadership Community was born.

The color palette was relatively simple: White and black were to be the predominant colors with one or two accent colors. I really wanted live photos and real people to show their personality and, once we got em, it was easy to let the photos shine.

What you ended up with was a site where you could see real people interact with others.

The identity: clear, strong, forward-thinking. The platform and all of its marketing materials were designed to showcase real and practical tools to help people grow. With that, there was an easy benchmark to see if the site was working: how many people signed up.

I hear it's still going pretty good.